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introducing Deliva

the premier mobile ordering app platform.

What is Deliva? Your Own Ordering App, Simple and Easy

Deliva is a technology platform from D&H Hospitality Systems that facilitates creation of feature-rich mobile ordering apps for both independent and chain restaurants. With Deliva, your restaurant or chain can have its own fully functional mobile ordering app up and running in a fraction of both the time and cost of developing your own. Check out Deliva's full list of features by clicking on any of the buttons below, or check out How It Works for a more technical look at Deliva's functions.

Benefits Increase Sales

Give your customers a convenient new way of placing their order in advance for collection at your store or for delivery to their home or office. Promote special offers or menu changes with instant notifications to their device.


Your Menu Your Menu, Enhanced

  1. Hi Res Photos Boost sales with enticing photos for all of your menu items.
  2. Item Information Add descriptions, ingredients, and other info to keep your customers informed.
  3. 1 Tap Ordering Add items to an order with a single tap.
  4. Item Badges Tag items with badges to inform users of allergens, or to highlight special items.
  5. Placeholder

Screens Complete Customization

Choose how you interact with your customers, present your app, and more.

  • Combo Feature
  • Upsell Features
  • Custom Design
  • Order History
  • Customer Survey