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Deliva Custom Designs

Custom Design Your App, Your Brand

Each app is built for a specific restaurant's branding. From the icon that users will tap to launch your app, to the design of the app screens themselves, each element is custom designed from the ground up. Customizable design elements include:

  • App icon
  • Splash screen
  • About Us logo and content
  • Overall color scheme of the app
  • Font styles and colors
  • Screen backgrounds
  • Tutorial/login screen images

Deliva Custom Designs

Menu Features Handles All Kinds of Menus

Deliva can accommodate nearly any kind of menu item or setup, from a simple tap-to-order item to an order completely customized by the user. Some examples of special menu setups Deliva supports are:

  • Meal combos made of pre-defined items
  • Meal combos customized by the user, such as selecting from a list of side items
  • Users can customize items by choosing to include or remove add-ons like sauces or toppings
  • Users can indicate choices for orders with several options, for example, whether they prefer beef or chicken or if they would like their sandwich toasted

Deliva Custom Designs

Chain/franchise support Supports Multiple Stores

Deliva has built-in support for chain/franchise stores. Users can locate the nearest store via a list (sorted from nearest to farthest based on their current location) or map, mark stores as their favourites for quick selection at checkout, and quickly check opening and closing hours for any nearby locations.

When placing an order for pick-up, the user can select their preferred store to collect their order from. When placing an order for delivery, the nearest store to the user's delivery address is automatically selected.

Deliva Custom Designs

Full control of your menu Update Your Menu Easily and Instantly

Deliva's powerful backend admin system grants you full control over your menu, as well as various other aspects of your app. You have full control over your menu, including the ability to add or remove items, change item details or prices, change item categorization, and more.

No developer support is required, and your menu changes will take effect the next time the user opens the app. You can also choose to send a push notification to your users informing them of your new menu updates.

Deliva Custom Designs

Push Notifications Send Custom Messages

Deliva supports the ability to send your users customized alerts/push notifications. Deliva gives you the option to send out pre-generated messages (available in many languages), such as to inform users of menu updates or new offers becoming available. Deliva also offers the ability to send completely custom alerts to users, for example, "Any orders before 1:00pm today are 30% off!"

Deliva also has the facility to have alerts sent to users when in the vicinity of one of your stores - or that of a competitor.

Multilingual Support

14+ Languages Supports Many Languages

All of your app's navigation and messages will be available in many languages. Choose the languages that are most common in your area or demographic, or enable them all - there's no limit to the number of languages available in your app.

You may also translate your menu items, descriptions, and categories, and other custom text into any of your enabled languages.

Available on Android and iOS

Multiplatform Apps Your App on iOS and Android

Your app will be available on the two largest mobile device operating systems - Android and iOS - for maximum exposure and convenience for your customers. We will also provide you with QR codes to automatically detect the type of device your customer is using to scan it, and direct them to the appropriate download page (Google Play or the App Store) for their device.

Your app will be available on any mobile device running Android or iOS operating systems, including both phones and tablets.

Special Labels for Items

Highlight your menu Special Labels for Items

Tag your items with over a dozen special labels and icons to draw attention to them and keep your customers informed. Use labels such as "Organic", "Special", and "Healthy" to draw special attention to certain items, or tag them with informative labels for special diets such as "Vegetarian", "Gluten Free" and "Contains Nuts".

Up to three unique labels can be applied per item, all including their own custom icons and designs.

Order Management System

Manage your orders Order Management App

All orders received through your app are sent to an order management app that can be run on an Android tablet. The app can be configured to make an alarm noise and vibrate when new orders are received, as well as a variety of other features.

Order details can be printed via a Bluetooth-enabled receipt printer.

Live Status Updates

Interact With Your Customers Customers Can Receive Live Status Updates

Eliminate any uncertainty your customers may have when placing mobile orders. If enabled, customers will receive live updates on the status of their order. Send push notifications to let your customer know their order has been received, or to let them know their order is out for delivery.

Alerts can also be sent to customers if an order can not be completed as requested, such as if an item is out of stock.

Pick-up or Delivery

Configurable orders Can Be Used For Pick-up or Delivery

Your app can be configured to allow only delivery orders, only pick-up orders, or to allow both. Customers can indicate when they would like to have their order delivered - whether it's for a future time or as soon as possible.

Loyalty Programme

Reward Your Customers Configurable Loyalty Program

Reward your customers and encourage repeat orders with a fully customizable loyalty program. Deliva's loyalty program framework features the ability to grant credits for use in-app, item rewards, user "levels" based on purchases, and more.

These comments can also be saved for favorite items and will automatically be populated into the comment field when re-ordering items.

Pay by Card

In-App Payments Accepts Credit Card Payments

Your app can process credit/debit card payments from directly within the app, so all the user has to do once at the store is collect their order hassle-free. Alternatively, a customer can choose to pay by cash in-person.

All payment options are configurable and can be enabled or disabled from the admin system.

Fast Setup

Fast Setup Your App Up and Running Within 45 Days

Your mobile ordering app can be available and ready for use within 45 days of starting the process. Getting started is incredibly easy and quick. Contact us for more info.

Photos of Customers

Customer Photos Photos for Easy Identification

Customers can upload a photo to their profile which will appear alongside their orders, allowing them to be easily identified when collecting an order. Photos can also be enlarged for a closer look.

Customer Comments and Requests

Custom Notes Customers Can Enter Comments or Requests

Featuring individual comment fields for each item in their basket, customers can easily add any special requests or comments, such as "no mustard please".

These comments can also be saved for favorite items and will automatically be populated into the comment field when re-ordering items.

Favorite Items

Saved Items & Orders Save Orders and Favorite Items

Customers can mark items as "Favorites", allowing them to save custom notes for that item and quickly re-order. Entire orders can also be saved, for one-tap ordering of multiple items.

Additionally, the customer's most recently placed order will be saved for a quick repeat order, or to reference an item they may not remember.

Fast Setup

Advanced Reporting Valuable MIS and Analytics

Deliva creates detailed reports and statistics on how and when customers are using your app. This data can be viewed via the admin system, and then printed or exported into spreadsheets. Metrics we track include:

  • New Users
  • Master Sales Amount
  • Total Order Volume
  • Payment Methods Used
  • Weekly Restaurant Summary
  • User Details Database

Geo-Marketing Messages

Event-Driven Marketing Geo-Marketing Messages

Your app can be set up so that those people having it on their device can automatically receive a marketing message that they're approaching, or in the vicinity of, one of your stores. What better way to trigger your app users to make a pre-order and then drop by to pick it up?

Offers and Promotions

Special Deals Offers and Promotions

You can set up special offers and promotions for your users to enjoy of via the Offers section of the app. Deliva supports many types of deals, such as:

  • A percent discount on a single item
  • A percent discount on a group of items when ordered together
  • Buy one get one free
  • A percent discount on orders over a certain dollar amount
  • Support for custom designs/images for non-orderable items, e.g. happy hour notices.


Promote Your Items Upsell Options

With Deliva's upsell features, you can make helpful recommendations to your users for additional items they may want to add to their order. This feature can be enabled or disabled at any time. When enabled, users will be prompted at checkout to order the featured items.