Deliva Overview

Deliva is a technology platform that facilitates creation of feature-rich mobile ordering apps for both independent and chain restaurants. We'll enter your menu (including photos, descriptions, prices, and many other details) for you, and you're free to edit it at any time.

Once your menu is set up, we'll publish your app in both the App Store and Google Play. Your customers can then download it and place orders directly from their mobile phones or tablets. Mobile orders are received by the restaurant through a special app that will allow you to track the details of the order and send alerts or notifications to customers, such as informing them that their order is on the way, or indicating that an item is out of stock.

deliva diagram

Deliva Admin System

Nearly all of the features and data of a Deliva-based app are controlled via a sophisticated yet user-friendly admin site. This data ranges from menu item lists and details, to your restaurant's branding and logos, to what features are available within your app. You have the freedom to edit these whenever you'd like, with no assistance needed from D&H. Assistance is available, of course, if you need it - both via simple user guides we provide for you, and 24/7 live support.

Deliva Admin Site

Deliva Order Management System

Mobile orders are received via an app called "D&H Orders", which can be run on any Android-based tablet. When a new order is received, the device will vibrate and make a bell noise to indicate its arrival. From here, you can view the details of the order and the customer, and then accept or decline the order. It's also possible to inform the customer that an item is out of stock, and ask whether they would like to continue the order without the missing item.

The app can also inform users of the status of their order. The app has 5 default phases: Unactioned, Accepted, Under Prep, Delivering, and Done. If you choose to enable it, customers will receive alerts on their device when their order progresses to a new status, keeping them fully up to date on their order's progress.